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Migraine Treatment Los Angeles | Beverly Hills Migraine Treatment

Dr. Ravinder Singh is a board certified neurologist, headache specialist and the founder of Beverly Hills Headache Institute. Beverly Hills Headache Institute is an integrative center of western and eastern treatments. Regular neurologists have only one option to treat their patients by prescribing them medications, providing them invasive treatments or maybe refer them to surgery. As we know, different patients respond to different treatments and Beverly Hills Headache Institute has a bigger toolbox for their treatments.

At BHHI we don’t recommend every patient acupuncture or therapeutic yoga because every patient is unique and we believe that every treatment should be unique for them which allows us to treat the root cause of the presenting problem instead of quick fixes. We do prescribe medications, and we also incorporate the eastern approach to their treatment. Generally, Integrative Centers are the combination of many eastern or western approaches, whereas BHHI is a combination of western and eastern medicine that takes the treatments to the next level at one place. Medications help to stabilize the initial issues and eastern treatment, e.g., homeopathy, yoga that helps them to learn how to breathe correctly or lifestyle change by altering the diet, improve patients’ life. Basically, we individualized prescriptions based upon specific circumstances of patients.

BHHI provides quality services, and when Dr. Singh refers to yoga therapist or the chiropractor, they don’t have to go anywhere else because all the modalities and services are available on board in the clinic. The doctors and providers of these services are highly qualified and skilled. All the providers work collaboratively and also intend to coordinate with each other to provide the best and comprehensive treatment to the patient. Dr. Singh supervises all these treatments as a neurologist for the benefit of the patients. For example, if patient needs have some medical issues, and they need imaging of their head, brain, etc. Dr. Singh studies their case in depth to provide the best services and refer appropriate imaging.

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Yes, we keep our patient’s updated by sending them newsletters, postings on social media and videos on our youtube channel. Social medias are open to join but for the newsletter, they need to SignUp
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Our blogs help them to learn about life that is correlated with their headaches. We understand that it’s not about headaches but what causes headaches. Our blogs teach them how to become resilient in life and live a headache less life.

Dr. Ravinder Singh
8920 Wilshire Blvd #520
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(424) 279-9410

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Dr. Singh’s Narrative: The idea of Integrative Center was born and engraved in my mind when I was doing my residency in 1991. I always used to think why some people are happy next to the ocean and others in the city. Because people are unique, and the same way their bodies are unique too. They respond differently to the same environment and treatments as well. Then the next question was why in a medical setup they are treated the same way? This question always encouraged me to start an integrative center in my life. It took few years, but I was determined to open a center where patients can get appropriate treatment at one place. After Residency I had a private practice as a neurologist and finally, in 2005 I moved from that office and inaugurated my first integrative center called Snare Center. Sanare means Healing. It was a bigger space where other modalities can fit in, and patients don’t have to go from door to door. In the beginning, we learned from hit and trial methods, how to adequately provide the services. In a couple of years, the Sanare center became Sanare Sanctuary, whereas Sanctuary means Path. Sanare Sanctuary- the healing path was in progress and in 2012 we moved to a bigger location and launched Beverly Hills Headache Institute. Beverly Hills Headache Institute became our iconic label where patients not only come to get headache treatments but also to get educated about their headaches. Treatments are very important but the lack of education about their body can also cause more headaches.

Note: Following are the Modalities that come under Sanare Sanctuary. 

  1. Homeopathy
  2. Chiropractic Therapy
  3. Therapeutic Massage
  4. Therapeutic Yoga
  5. Ayurveda
  6. Nutrition
  7. Acupuncture
  8. Naturopathy

And all these services are available on board. 
Values: We are here to serve the patients. In the medical model, the doctors spend maximum 15-20 minutes with a patient whereas at BHHI we spend as much as time (45-50 minutes) to understand their root cause of the problem. Spending more time with the patient to understand their issues helps us to establish a good relationship with the patient that satisfy patients and providers as well.

Employees interactions at BBHI  are also patient driven. The establishment of a relationship with patients, to make them comfortable and interact with them on a regular basis enhances the quality of service. For example, patients love our front desk employees. Recently, a couple of patients came to a baby shower of our front-desk employee.

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