Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why should you enter the 2016 Search Engine Land Awards?


Perhaps the real question is, why wouldn’t you enter?

For the second annual “Landy Awards,” we’ve added more categories to highlight campaigns in various sectors of SEO and SEM, plus new team awards for both agencies and in-house search marketers.

Upon hearing that we were planning to add two new categories for In-House SEO and SEM Team of the Year in the 2016 Landy Awards lineup, Jessica Bowman, search industry veteran and expert corporate SEO trainer, jumped at the chance to participate as a judge.

Bowman regularly runs in-depth workshops for enterprise search marketing professionals in conjunction with our SMX conference series, with upcoming In-House Exchange events in Seattle and New York City.

While the focus of Jessica’s work is on helping in-house teams succeed, she sees the Search Engine Land awards as a valuable program for independent consultants and digital marketing agencies serving clients from large to small.

Bowman says internal teams at large organizations and well-known brands are often unable to tout their own work or share too many details about their results, so they typically avoid entering industry awards.

In the case of The Landy Awards for in-house teams and professional marketers, all data is considered confidential by the judges, and details can only be published with the permission of the applicant. But more importantly, Bowman stresses that these awards focus more on how teams operate to achieve maximum results, not just the bottom-line numbers.

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Here are all the other reasons Jessica is advocating for in-house marketers to take another look and consider entering the 2016 Search Engine Land Awards.

Reward excellence in operational performance

JB: The Landy Awards for In-House Team of the Year aren’t just about delivering exceptional results for your organization, but rewarding the efforts it took to get there. These awards primarily take into account factors such as:

  • overall team approach;
  • executive communication;
  • collaboration;
  • accountability;
  • ongoing education and training;
  • implementation of innovative strategies; and
  • executing best practices in search marketing.

Industry awards lend credibility

JB: Your peers on other teams will realize you know your stuff and as a result, you get a lift in clout and credibility. It’s the kind of cachet that a consultant has when they say what you have been saying, and now people want to take action.

Awards are a team morale booster

JB: If you’re a manager overseeing search, this is an incredible opportunity to earn recognition for your team by one of the most respected publications in the digital marketing industry.

Give your team kudos by applying for the team award in SEO or SEM.

Recognition makes top performers even better

JB: If you have someone on the team you want to recognize, this is the king of recognition. Nominate them for Search Marketer of the Year, a very prestigious award.

Just the fact that you were thoughtful enough to nominate them will often boost performance and re-energize them to perform even better.

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