Friday, September 2, 2016

Zach Waldman is the best Los Angeles magician and professional...

Zach Waldman is the best Los Angeles magician and professional corporate entertainer. Call 310-922-6244 for your custom corporate entertainment for important meetings. when you need a magician in Los Angeles. I am a full-time, professional corporate entertainer with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Believe it or not, many entertainers you’ll find on places like GigMasters or other lead-generation farms are mostly hobbyists, kids’ entertainers, or are generalists that perform anywhere they can. When you book me, I speak the language of business and can connect with your meeting attendees on a level they can relate to. Of course, this means I can share valuable information about sales, marketing, and motivation while being entertaining at the same time. In a nutshell, I’m a corporate entertainment specialist in Los Angeles, not just a magician. Los Angeles Magician | Magician Los Angeles - Zach Waldman Here are Four Reasons You Should Have Zach at Your Next Meeting 1. Bring something different to your company’s monthly meeting. Why hire another speaker when you can bring in somebody that can make the same points as a speaker in a fun way that energizes the room? the best Los Angeles Magician for Corporate Entertainment 2. My shows are truly customized to meet your needs. Many entertainers do the same stuff for every client and call what they do customized because they mention the company’s name during a trick. When you work with me, you have a partner that’s interested in helping you achieve the goals you have for your meeting. I will emphasize and communicate the message that’s most important to you. 3. I am the easiest entertainer you will ever work with, guaranteed! I charge one fee which includes all travel, room, meal expenses, etc., so you don’t have to spend time matching invoices and receipts. I always send a W9 the first time so you don’t have to waste time hunting it down. I make the booking process simple and fast. I will be the easiest part of planning your meeting. 4. I have shows that will work for any size group. If you have a group of 20, I can perform sophisticated sleight-of-hand magic designed to match your meeting’s theme. If you have a group of a 1,000, I can perform a customized stage show that includes squeaky-clean comedy, mentalism, music, audience participation, and of course, magic. Los Angeles Magician | Magician Los Angeles - Zach Waldman 100% Money Back Guarantee (if you don’t love my show, you don’t pay a cent). All of your guests will be laughing and will be amazed at what they see (instead of sitting around bored). If people are yawning at your sales meetings, it’s time to do something different. I can wake up, motivate, and educate your sales force. They’ll retain more information, have more fun, and they’ll have more energy throughout the rest of the meeting. You will not be embarrassed by an offensive show (you’ll join your guests in amazement and laughter and you’ll be relaxed knowing the entertainment is appropriate for your group). I have a background in direct marketing, goal setting, sales, advertising, motivation, interpersonal communication, and speaking. Before becoming a professional entertainer, I’ve held jobs in broadcasting (including working for Howard Stern), technology, customer service, and a bunch of other whacky stuff. The bottom line is I can take the theme of your sales meeting and perform a custom show, or you can tell me what topic you’d like me to speak about and I can build a custom program for you around that subject. Of course, the lecture will be fun and full of comedy and magic. Los Angeles Magician | Magician Los Angeles - Zach Waldman ​You can relax or take care of important business. You don’t want to hold somebody’s hand throughout your event. I’m a professional, I’ve done this stuff a million times, and I know what to do. After I arrive, I get down to business. It’s one less thing you have to worry about which frees you up to take care of things like networking, selling, or handling a real business crisis. Other searches that helped find this video: hire a magician in los angeles los angeles magician magician in los angeles magicians for hire los angeles zach waldman corporate entertainment specialist in Los Angeles For more information about magicians: Los Angeles Magician | Magician Los Angeles - Zach Waldman by Visible PPC

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